Z Chocks


Original Vintage Leeper Z Chocks

Leeper Z Chocks are used as climbing nuts/chocks in cracks to protect climbers in case of a fall.

If an ordinary chock doesn't stop a fall, it's usually not from lack of strength but because the chock isn't there when the force comes. Either it has wiggled out before or during the fall--or perhaps the climber wisely didn't even consider the placement. Leeper 2 Chocks fit around and between irregularities of the rock--and stay there. They are also strong. The chock is stronger than the sling in almost every case (including all good placements of all sizes--other manufacturers can't say the same). And the specially fabricated, smooth steel eyelet gives excellent sling strength compared with other chocks--particularly in the smallest sling sizes, where it matters most. 2 Chocks are sized and numbered like Hexentrics No. 2 through No. 8. 

Leeper 1980 catalog

Set price: 499

Sizes: 2-8

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