Titanium Ice Screw


Original vintage Irbis Titanium Ice Screw.

Ultra-lightweight, this titanium ice screw is ideal for alpine climbers looking to reduce weight. 

Length: 18 centimeters

Diameter: 12 millimeters

Weight: 100 grams

  • Three sharp teeth bite easily into ice, while the carefully engineered allow for quick and easy placement
  •  Thin titanium walls displace a minimal amount of ice
  •  Large hanger is easy to clip and provides ample leverage for easy placement
  •  These screws are not intended for leading on ice due to their small diameter and thread thickness
  •  Because these screws are light and relatively cheap, they are ideal for use as "leaver" screws during retreat/descent
  •  Place them at a +10 degree angle to the ice surface instead of the -10 degree angle that normal screws should be used at
  •  Includes protective tip cover


    Placing Titian screws at +10 degrees while rappelling minimizes the chances of the screw "backing out" which would otherwise be more likely because of the small threads and diameter. As with any rappel anchor, these screws should be backed up and never be relied upon as a single point of protection

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