Sticht Belay Plate


Original Vintage Salewa Sticht Belay Plate

Belay plates, or 'auto belayers' as they were sometimes called, took over from body belays around 1975 in the UK, a few years earlier on the continent. Fritz Sticht invented this version in the late 1960's and it was manufactured by Salewa. For a decade or so these plates were almost universal in their use, to the point where just about any belay plate, whatever its real name, was called a 'sticht plate'. some had two holes to take two ropes, and they could be different sizes, i.e. 11mm and 9mm.

The words "11mm. Sticht Seilbremse D.B.P a  SALEWA made in west Germany'' are staped on the shell surface.

Condition: Used

Technical Details:

Lenght: 63 mm. 

Weight: 0.102 g.

Weight: without springs 0.066 g.

Made In West Germany

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