SRC Belay Master

Wild Country

Original Vintage Wild Country Climbing SRC Belay Master

One side is stamped with " avv SRC WILD COUNTRY," BRAKEMAN," and "BRITAIN."

Wild Country wanted to create an auto-locking belay device that provided a more dynamic catch, and the Single Rope Controller (SRC) was born. With other auto-lock devices, the impact during a short fall causes the device to lock too quickly creating a ~static' catch with a high impact force ouch. The Wild Country SRC is a time tested belay device that offers worry free protection.

Features of Wild Country Climbing SRC with Belay Master:

  • Feeds quickly and easily
  • Includes the "Belaymaster" locking carabiner
  • *The SRC is not truly "auto-locking" and is not sold as a hands-free device
  • The SRC is only meant for use with single ropes of diameters of between 10 and 11mm only.
  • Weght: 87 g.

Made In Britain

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