Slider Nut


Original Vintage Metolius Slider Nut 

Metolius slider nut on wire.

American climber, Doug Phillips, created this interesting little device back in the early 1980's. Here's what Stephane Pennequin has to say about it:-
" Doug Phillips tried many a combination of opposed wedging chocks before creating his Slider. The first prototypes systematically dropped out and he realised that both wedges did not generate the same coefficient of friction on either side of the crack. He compensated for this by pouring some solder, a softer material, on only one of the faces in contact with the rock. ( It seemed to work) Doug took out a patent on the Sliders in Oct. 1973 and set up a company called Metolius to market them. Composed of two innovative wedges made of brass, sliding one against the other, held by a dovetail, the Sliders performed well in granite cracks."
It seems there were 5 different sizes and ours is a No. 3

The words "Metolius'' are staped on the shell surface.

The other side is etched with " 3 ''

Materials: brass, rubber,,plastic,steel

Condition: Used

Made In USA

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