Sky Hook


Original Vintage Clog Sky Hook

Clogwyn climbing gear started life in Deiniolen, North Wales in 1966 under the ownership of Denny Moorehouse and Shirley Smith. With the name being shortened to Clog they began making pitons out of molybdenum steel, the first in the UK.
Other products followed including these skyhooks produced for the artificial/ aid climbing fraternity at a time when it was all the rage - modern climbing techniques and equipment have since consigned this style of climbing pretty much to the history books though big wall climbers still practice the dark art.
Designed to hook over a small flake or rugosity, these safety devices offered limited protection where no cracks or fissures presented themselves for pitons or chocks and as one climber noted:-
“They are perfectly safe but you wouldn’t catch me using one!”
Climbers often used plasticine or putty to hold them in place, they also weighted and taped them down to stop lifting off.



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