Original vintage Clog Offset


Aircraft Specification Nickel Chrome. Molybdenum Steel B.S.I. 817 M40. Electromelt - low phosphorous and sulphur. PROPERTIES High strength, outstanding toughness and fatigue resistance. Excellent low temperature performance.


This sophisticated material is ideal for mountaineering equipment, but care is necessary during manufacture to ensure that its advantages are retained. The pitons are manufactured in a way which ensures that the grain is orientated for optimum performance and each piton is hand forged and ground by our craftsmen blacksmiths. Heat treatment is carried out under closely controlled conditions, and care is taken to ensure good grain structure, and to avoid decarbonisation. Each piton is electronically tested for hardness and material specification. The pitons are burnished to prevent the subsequent development of fatigue cracks, and gunblacked, since electro plating can cause hydrogen embrittlement.

Size: 40 mm x 2mm

Weight: 50 g

Made in Wales

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