Chouinard Tube Chock

Chouinard Equipment

Original vintage Chouinard Tube Chock.

Whole set price € 999.00  ( "4" and "4 1/2"  "5"  "5 1/2"  "6")

Separate no "5" € 99.00 

American mountaineer, inventor and manufacturer, Yvon Chouinard, created his first 'Tube Chocks' back in 1973; designed as a relatively lightweight way to get anchors/protection in the wide cracks of Yosemite and other American climbing areas. Early versions were a simple tube slightly tapered at the ends with holes for the rope. The later versions that we have in the collection have a little notch( Chouinard calls it a fillet) cut out of the edge which is supposed to stop the chock rotating in the crack.
A few of these chocks made their way over to the UK in the 1970/80's though they were pretty much an American thing which became somewhat redundant when large camming devices took over in the 80/90's.

Materials: aluminium alloy

Colour: silver

Maker: Chouinard

Made in USA

Inscription Description:

Diamond with "C" inside and "USA" on both and "4" and "4 1/2"  "5"  "5 1/2"  "6"

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