Original Vintage Camp Lotus Belay Device

The C.A.M.P. Lotus is a notched belay tube. It is forged from aluminum alloy and then clear anodized.

The is a double sided belay tube with two slots. O the top, each slot has a ribbed V-groove at each end. The slots are 34 mm. long and 13 mm. wide. The top of the Omega oval carabiner that I use for comparing belay tubes sits 23 mm. below the ends of the slots.

The Lotus can be inverted for use without the V-grooves coming into play. It has a plastic-covered cable keeper formed into a loop that sits between the two grooves, passing through two small holes. One hole is crimped to retain the cable; the other allows the cable to slide.

One side of the Lotus is etched with "Lotus," "7.6≤ø≤11 mm," The other side is etched with "CAMP."

 Size: Long 65 mm.  Wide 47 mm.  Fight 107 mm. Weight: 103 g.

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