Wall Hammer

Forrest Mountaineering

Original Vintage Forrest Mountaineering Wall Hammer

The Forrest Mountaineering wall hammer is specially made for rock climbing. It has an alloy steel head attached to a lightweight fiberglass handle. The head features a blunt, tapered pick for prying; a steel eye for sling attachments.


From the 1983 Forrest Mountaineering Catalog

1968- Bill Forrest starts business in basement in Denver, Colorado producing one of the first commercial sewn harnesses, a combination of Swami belt and leg loops.
1969- develops the Copperhead, a nut of malleable copper (or aluminium) swaged onto a single steel cable. Ray Jardlne rents a room in Bill Forrest's house and does some design work for Forrest Mountaineering.
1970- develops the Foxhead,a pyramidal nut in either aluminium or plastic.
Daisy Chain - adjustable anchor line
1971- Single Anchor Hammock - supsenslon bivouac shelter.
1972- first use of solid flbreglass in handle of a mountaineering tool.
1973- Ray Jardlne uses the Forrest workshop to prototype his 'Friends' spring loaded camming device.
Develops the Titon with Kris Walker, a T shaped nut (steel in small sizes and aluminium in larger sizes)
1974- develops the Arrowhead, a very slim copper-based nut.
Forrest Haul Bags
1975- the famed Mjoilner Hammer, with interchangeable picks.
Ice Axes with twisted adze for greater strength.
1976- Rabbit Runner - first runner sling with sewn end loops
1977- Bam Nut tool
1978- Gaiters - first with neoprene arch strap
1980- Llfeline Ice Axe - interchangeable picks and warranties.
First womens specific harness ?
1981- Ultimate Sit Harness-first adjustable sit harness with singles pass buckles and elastisized butt bands
1982- develops P-Nuts, a wire swaged half moon of steel
1983- Fall-Arrest - shock absorbing runner said to offer 300% increase in margin of safety.
1985- releases the Triton, a combination nut, belay plate and abseil/rappel device
Bill Forrest sells company to Olsen Industries and
sets up business, ForrestSmith (with partner) to develop a new snowshoe design.
After unveiling the design, MS-R offer to buy the rights to the design, and hire him to work on their snowshoe line.
1995- MSR release a new snowshoe in moulded plastic that was conceived by Bill Forrest. Bill Forrest works as R&D manager for MSR

Length: 32 cm
Width:  12.3 cmm

Vintgageclimbing.com catalog No. 048


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