Ice Axe

J. Charlet

 Original Vintage J. Charlet Ice Axe

Frenchman, J Charlet, started making ice axes in Chamonix, in the shadow of Mont Blanc, around 1880. It's beautifully crafted, probably hand forged and bears the 'chamois' label of early Charlet ice axes. The Charlet factory was handed down from father to son for many decades until combining with another organisation to become Charlet Moser. They were in turn taken over by Petzl in 2000 to become Petzl Charlet, though the 'Charlet' bit seems to have disappeared by 2018.

The words "J. Charlet a Chamonix'' are staped on the shell surface.

J. Charlet ice axe, steel head, wooden shaft, serrated pick, adze. Pointed spike on ferrule.

Ice axe length: 77,5 cm
Full head length: 30,5 cm

Condition: Used

Made in Chamonix, France

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