Hammer Holster


Original Vintage Dolt Hammer Holster (Dolster)

DOLT HAMMER HOLSTERS [DOLSTER] PATENT PENDING The COLT hammer holster for rock climbers was originally conceived, designed, and manufactured in 1958. It gained acceptance inmediately and was purchased by climbers in all parts of the U.S.A. The construction was of heavy leather held together with copper rivets. It was found that no matter what the source, leather quality varied considerably. Through use, leather becomes very soft, pliable, and cannot support the hammer properly. Leather is relatively easy to tear and it becomes water soaked in rain or on snow climbs. Today, climbers denand the finest equipment. Therefore DOLT holsters are manufactured from solid nylon and light-weight steel rivets. Nylon is much stronger than leather and is rated at 10,000 pounds per square inch tensile. The hammer is easily removed and replace since nylon has a low coefficient of friction. The loop will remain open so that the hammer can be replaced with- out having to probe or pry with the handle. The angularly positioned belt loops help stabilize the holster. The cone shaped loop is particularly important. The upper opening is larger than the lower so that replacing the hammer is easier. The lower opening is a pivot point so if the hammer handle should catch on something, the hammer will move and the climber will not be thrown off balance. A tie down strap has been deliberately left off the holsters. THE HAMMER MUST MOVE IF THE HANDLE CATCHES. This is an important safety feature often over-looked even by those climbers who demand a tie down. It must be noted that some climbers have worn out several leather holsters in one year. Recently, it has come to my attention that a few climbers have used one holster on each hip. Thereby having a holster always accessible regardless of climbing position. The DOLT holsters are light-weight. They have a snappiness that offers the owner pleasure in use. There are two types: long and short. There are two variations of each type: light-weight and heavy-weight. The light-weight holsters are for those people who want the lightest possible flexible holster. The heavy-weight holsters are for those who want extremely heavy duty service and a very firm structure. The long models are for those climbers having long arms which hinder easy hamer access. Materials and construction in each DOLSTER are lifetime guaranteed. DOLSTER IS A TRADEMARK OF THE DOLT HUT.

Materials: plastic

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