Crag Hammer

Charlet Moser

 Original Vintage Charlet Moser Crag Hammer

Charlet Moser steel hammer with rubber handle to absorb vibrations. The peck is serrated to clean up the cracks. The Charlet Moser company, which specializes in the production of ice axes and crampons, was acquired by Petzl in 2000.
Frenchman, J Charlet, started making ice axes in Chamonix, in the shadow of Mont Blanc, around 1880.

The Charlet factory was handed down from father to son for many decades until combining with another Petzl to become Charlet Moser. Charlet Moser was purchased by Petzl in 2000.

Condition: Used
Length: 35 cm
Width:  13.5 cm  catalog No. 056

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