Cotton Storage Pouch


Ventilated cotton storage pouch for keeping your stuff

The cotton storage pouch is perfect for storing your sleeping bag during a longer period – or for collecting and keeping together stuff like e.g. dirty clothes, a blanket or the like. Often the obvious choice is to grab a plastic bag for your dirty clothes during the trip. The problem is that the clothes soon will start to smell and moreover it is not very healthy for the fabrics. Contrary to plastic, cotton lets the stuff inside breathe, making it optimal for a sleeping bag, clothes, blanket or the like. This way you keep order during the trip – and when you get home, your stuff is ready for the washing machine.

  • very lightweight
  • large and spacious
  • 100% Cotton
  • high and natural ventilation
  • better moisture control
  • keeps your stuff together
  • can be tied together
  • breathable
  • can be machine washed
  • small pack size
  • Length cm : 28 cm
  • Width : 30 cm
  • Height : 67 cm
  • Total weight excl. pack sack : 120 g
Pack sack
  • Size : 11 x 18 x 4 cm


Composition: 100% cotton

Colour: White

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