Climbing Boots


Original Vintage Galibier Climbing Boots

Julien Richard must find other outlets, everywhere where one may need technical, specific shoes, and why not in sports activities, which are developing.

The Galibier brand, now dethroned by Paraboot for utility shoes, became the illustration of the first ski, après-ski and mountain boots.

Julien discovers a new universe composed of strong and sincere personalities. At his place the greatest mountaineers rub shoulders: Herzog, Mazeaud, Terray, Desmaison, Pollet-Villard, Royal Robbins...

He directs production towards the mountains, climbing and rock climbing, and abandons skiing, which has become fashionable and popular with the general public. In a few years, the Galibier brand became the leader in technical footwear in France and abroad. Richard-Pontvert opens up to export, Japan, USA, Italy wherever there are climbers. It is for Galibier that the factories turn and no longer Paraboot.

Condition: Used

Size: EU 38

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