Offset 'D' Screwgate Carabiner


Original Vintage Hiatt  DScrewgate Carabiner

The Hiatt Karabiner

It was reported in "Mountaineering", September 1963 issue, that a British-made karabiner was available for which it was hoped that a satisfactory specification would be agreed. The specification for this karabiner has now been agreed by the equipment sub-committee of the B.M.C. The karabiner is manufactured by Messrs. Hiatt and Co. Ltd., of Birmingham to the specification No. D/1K. It was developed at the in-stigation of Messrs. Jackson and Warr, Ltd., and the Equip-ment Sub-Commit tee were consulted continuously during the development.
The karabiner is D-shaped with an orthodox keeper and gate, and it is made from carbon steel conforming to British Standard 970/1955 EN 8D, oil quenched and tempered.
The specification defines materials, heat treatment, finish, strength, and inspection and testing proceedures. These last provide for the systematic sampling and testing for control of heat-treatment and for tensile strength, and for the proof loading of each karabiner delivered.
Karabiners conforming to this specification are supplied in cartons labelled:
"Karabiner Specification No. D/1K, Issue No. 1 dated 1st October,1963.Manufactured to a specification approved by the British Mountaineering Council.
Each and every karabiner is tested in our works to a figure of 4,000 Ib."
This is the first specification for a karabiner to be approved by the B.M.C. It is hoped that it will be followed by others and that karabiners produced under controlled conditions and properly tested will become generally available.

The words "HIATT  / ENGLAND" are staped on the shell surface.

Condition: used

Materials: metal

Colour: silver

Weight: 0.145 gr.

Made in England

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