Camalots 1st Generation

Chouinard Equipment

Original vintage Camalot.

Sizes 4  spring loaded solid stemmed camming devices.

PAT 4643377

Released in 1987, these 1st generation Camalots were a major step forward in cam design. The double axles gave them greater range than a single axle design while keeping the camming angle consistent.

Notable features of the 1st generation units are:

A three piece plastic cover and thumb bar arraignment over the U-shaped cable stem

Knurled thumb bar and trigger

“Ball shaped” swages mating the axle housing to the cable stem

The “ball shaped” swages were an interesting issue with these units. When they were weighted they tended to cause cracking in the axle housing, acting as something of a wedge, and compromising the strength of the piece. The ball design was changed in later units.

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