Original Vintage Jumar Ascender

Pair of mint condition 'Jumar' ascendeurs. Blue handle for right hand. Red handle for left hand. Chrome rope clam

Jümar Pangit was a Swiss manufacturer located in Reichenbach, founded by Adolph Juesi (Jüsi) and Walter Marti. Mr. Juesi was studying eagles for the Swiss government and needed to ascend on ropes in order to perform his work, so Mr. Marti developed the ascender for him. In 1958, they introduced the first Jümar to the climbing market.

Originally spelled "Jümar," the umlat was dropped in many countries that do not use umlats in their native language.

Label inside grip reads,  Original Made in Switzerland JUMAR CH - 3713  Reichenbach

Jumaring became a collective term for ascending ropes even if you were using some other device.

Materials: chrome steel, painted aluminium alloy

Made in Switzerland


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