Original Vintage Clog Angles

Clog was created in 1966 which at that time was producing pitons and hexagon nuts. From the Clogwyn 1974 catalog: The Clog partnership was started in a derelict shed in the mountains of North Wales by two penniless climbers - Denny Moorehouse and Shirley Smith. Their aim was to make good climbing equipment which was not available in Europe at that time.

(Of course that is a bold statement): considering that many fantastic pitons were created by many manufacturers in Europe decades before 1966. Clog claims that it is the first European manufacturer of alloy steel pitons. Dolt however credits CCB European pitons as the toughest pitons available in his 1960 catalog. I credit Clogs early gear contribution to the climbing world as being their full set of Hexagon nuts which came available in 1966. Troll had a few nuts created previous to 1966, but not a full range like Clog. MoAc had a nut developed before Troll and Clog, but it was available in only one size.

(Bryan G. Stokes 1971 catalog)

The words "Clog'' are staped on the shell surface.

56 gr. 75 mm
72 gr. 60 mm
79 gr. 85 mm
93 gr. 50 mm
118 gr. 100mm
92 gr.110mm
148 gr. 120 mm


Made in Wales

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