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is an archival-quality, quarterly publication dedicated to the art of ascent in its most powerful manifestations, presenting a vision of climbing and its lifestyle that matches the intensity of the pursuit itself.

Founded by Christian Beckwith and Marc Ewing, the first issue of Alpinist launched from a small office in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 2002. In 2009, the magazine was re-launched by Height of Land in Jeffersonville, Vermont. From the beginning, the staff and contributors have maintained that making great climbing stories and art requires the same boldness, commitment, integrity and imagination as the most cutting-edge ascents.

We believe in sinker jams high off the deck, a bomber nut, the crescent moon, your partner's whoop, sand-washing the fry pan, road trips, one-swing sticks, remembering to breathe, alpine starts (more for the alpenglow than the early hour), espresso in the desert, the plunge step, lenticular cloud caps, rest days, the focus of a runout, a cold beer at the end of it all.

More than fifteen years after those words appeared in the Editor's Note of Alpinist 0, we still uphold these traditions, even as we continue to add new voices and forms of expression. Alpinist also still depends on the support of our readers. We've always believed in the value of independent media, journalistic integrity and artistic innovation.

Height of Land Publications (HOL)--which owns Alpinist, Backcountry Magazine, Mountain Flyer and Cross Country Skier--is committed to amplifying voices of BIPOC and LBGTQ+ contributors, and those of other underrepresented groups, in the outdoor media landscape. HOL is a signatory of the Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge and we are also supporters of the Outdoor Media for Inclusion project that is dedicated to provide more opportunities for journalists and contributors who are members of other marginalized communities.

We don't publish sponsored content, and our print magazine features minimal advertising. Instead, we rely on magazine sales and subscriptions to keep us going. Any purchase in our online store--from a subscription to a single issue or T-shirt--helps ensure that we continue to produce stories that are carefully edited, beautifully illustrated and thoroughly fact-checked, both in print and online. Only a small fraction of articles from the print magazine appear on our website. For a glimpse of all that Alpinist has to offer, pick up a copy of the magazine at your local retailer or in our online store.

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